Natasha..the movie

Guest reviewer Boris Rooskie.. ( not so gud the English)

Poor slob uncle in Toronto gets mail order Russian womans from Moscow.  Big mistake. Women is no damn gud. Was loose woman. Has 14 year old daughter Natasha.. Who would want such terrible thing?

Shlub uncle happy to have her, but has to sleeps on couch. What a bitch! Daughter now free to run around with 16 year old nephew. Big mistake. She has sex just for fun. Boy doesn’t know what to think. Natasha hates mother. Everybody does except uncle. Nephew’s family nice people, no problems.

Natasha goes to nephews house while mother goes away with dum uncle. Big problem. Have fight. Come to nephew house to make another fight. Bitch mother says whore daughter sleeping with nephew. Everyone goes crazy. Troubled Natasha runs away. Did she have sex w uncle? My god such a story. Who knows? You should get Asian wife, leave Russians to the themself. I like this movie. I like all Russians movie. Just don’t bring one home.

Natasha..the movie
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Russian mail order woman, big mistake

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