A must watch…Guillermo Fesser interviews Michael Wolff

Go to lasexta.com and click on the picture of Guillermo Fesser. It will open the interview, click the arrow. Although the site is Spanish the interview will be in English.
Guillermo Fesser is an internationally known journalist, author, screenwriter, movie director, and former radio show host of the top rated Gomaespuma, in his home city of Madrid. He is also a philanthropist and host of a Spanish children’s show. He uses all his journalistic skills in his fascinating interview with Michael Wolff, the author of “Fire and Fury”, the devasting account of the daily life inside the Trump White House.
Fesser uses his humor to pose what seem to be impossible questions, but given the context, Wolff answers and agrees that the man in charge of the country has no idea of what he is doing and no capacity to understand the job he was elected to do. It is a frightening revelation of the internal battles within the chaotic White House as written by a man who spent almost a year talking with the President, his aides and staff. He has known Trump for almost 20 years.
The interview is jaw dropping as we hear that the President does not read. He also does not listen and is driven only by immediate gratification. He has to be flattered or his attention span diminishes. The staff’s job is mainly managing the constant faux-pas and mopping up the days Trumpisms. It is a fascinating interview and the aftereffect is..holy shit, its worse than we thought, which was scary to begin with.

Side note..Howard Stern was 100% correct when he told Trump not to run for President. Stern told him “What do you need it for?”. “You have everything you want now and when you become President you will hate it and want your old life back”. Stern also knew they would hate him and Trump needs adoration. Fesser’s interview highlights that Trump is isolated and, over his head and unhappy, unable to admit fault and therefore blames everyone else for his media unpopularity. Loyalty to a bafoon just goes so far. Adoration? That ship has sailed. Trump now lives in a defensive position with his former inner circle talking to the Federales, and the indictments are building. If all this weren’t true, it would be one of Fesser’s funny puppet shows.

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