When winter finally turned to Spring, it meant only one thing to me, I would have to leave Oaxaca and return North. Last year when I arrived on April 2nd, having spent most of April 1 in Mexico City’s Benito Juarez airport, due to the heavy snowstorm in New York which had shut down the NY airports, the weather was miserable. I had almost forgotten about having to spend April 1 night in Houston awaiting the transfer to Newark in the morning. Its was foggy cold and rainy when I landed at La Guardia. That lasted 3 days and when the sun finally came out I had a cold. A bad one.
This year I tracked the weather for ten days, knowing the planes would fly, unless I had booked one of those 737’s.
To my surprise I got out of Mexico City easily and New York was clear and warm as we touched down near sunset. Good start I mused. So what awaits me now as I attempt to re-adjust my time, food and money to that of New York?
Firstly there will be no more fifty cent tacos with guacamole sauce, chilis and onion/tomatoe toppings. Forget the 25cent busride with music and singing troubadours. No more seeing my friend Jesus at breakfast with double pancakes and eggs, juice coffee, pancetta and fruit for 80 pesos. No more afternoon comidas with friends in beautiful, artistic, floral restaurants, with $2.50 wines. Won’t be seeing the teenagers at CEI, where I teach English. I won’t be walking everywhere, now, as I have a car. That’s something to look forward to. Driving, being on the road with the sunroof open and the music filling the car. I get to see my kids and spend time with them, as they fit me in to their busy schedules. I get to see my forever friends again and that’ll will be a joy. And then there is the Apple. The Village and Washington Sq. Park. All the movies and galleries, and theatres. First stop is the White Horse as it has just been sold. It better be there.
Oh yes, this will be the year for the Yankees. They are overloaded with talent. Great hitting and the best bullpen in baseball. Can’t wait to watch.
So I am back just about two weeks now. Adjusted. Seeing who I want to see, going down the list and checking off the musts and maybes from The NY Times Entertainment Section. Back in the pool in the am and that helps replace the lost cardio of Mexican walking. The Yankees?
Well they lead the majors, in one category most starters on the disabled list. 12. They only carry 25 players, and they have half of them hurt. Think I’ll go down to Oaxaca and watch the Guerreros, seats there are 2 dollars and they put a team on the field.