Mr. Fake President

I have been around a long time, and have seen good and bad Presidents come and go. They are all politicians when they take office. But then they learn how to be Presidential. Some come with more character and integrity than others. Some have a real sense of history and the role they will play in it. The current one is like no other.

I have never seen a President knowingly lie from the White House on a daily basis like the current one does. I know for Security reasons Presidents cannot tell the truth to the American public on certain specific international issues, all the time. But lie about crowd size at Innaugurations? Made up voter fraud? Made up facts and figures about how popular  one is?

My issue is with his character. There is a deficit in ego development when an Adult cannot admit error. To never admit you made a mistake is to have such a narcisstic view of yourself than any minor flaw is too much to take. The defense to this feeling is to project it onto others. That is to say “I didn’t do it, you did.” This is a daily occurrence with Donald Trump. He attacks anyone who either disagrees with him or shows where he lied.

As the President of the country it is totally unacceptable. The role model for children is horrendous, and it teaches children to not trust authority. For a Democracy it is even  worse when the Executive branch attacks the Judicial. His role is to be beyond his own ego  and to support the democratic process. Every parent knows to teach their children that they are not always right and the rights of others are to be respected. This President is setting a horrible example. He is modeling bulling. Use power to get your way.

I have faith that the truth always comes out and this lying, punitive, and uncaring man will be exposed. Where is kindness? Compassion? Where is true concern for the underdog? His policies  so far are punitive with a nasty feel to them. It is so disappointing to see a man who thinks he is making America great again, start at such a low level of public service. It is self service, mainly ego, and family business promotion. Hardly Presidential. The news media are correct, even Fox News is calling him out. He invented fake news because thats what you call it when they catch you doing it. So Mr. Fake President, its time to grow up. Get some therapy, you won’t be as angry and vindictive as you are and you won’t keep playing like you are a victim. In truth, you are the persecutor.

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