The true story of the English designer Alexander McQueen, a driven creative force in the fashion industry for almost 15 years. He was one of six born to a poor English family. He was extremely close with his mother and sister. He ventured to France and became the haute coiture fashion designer lead man at Givenchy. He founded his own British fashion design company McQueen. Reviled and praised for his outlandish creativity and at times for his far sided harsh sexuality. He was provocative and brilliant. There are so many fascinating visuals in this movie that all I want to say is I was mesmerized by what I saw. Its a story of success and failure, and of a way too early death before his time. Told with love from the people who knew and worked with him. His shows were over the top and you will be amazed by his body of work. Don’t miss this one.

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McQueen, a creative force for the ages

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