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Liam Neeson stars as “Deep Throat” from the Nixon era coverup of the Watergate scandal. The movie might have more impact, if you lived through that era. The times were turbulent, Vietnam was dragging on, and Nixon was running for relelection in 1972.
A group of former spies working for the committee to reelect the President, broke into the Watergate hotel’s offices of the Democratic National Committee. The crime was discovered. This is the media reason every scandal since then has had the word “Gate” attached to it.

The movie is about the integrity of the FBI, as Felt, the number two man, who followed the truth to the cover up attempt by Richard Nixon and his cronies, to hide their own participation.
J.Edgar Hoover then dies, and the first outsider ever appointed to the FBI, replaces him. The new guy is loyal to the White House, and not to the FBI. Nobody tells the FBI what they can do. The joke today is even the FBI can’t tell the FBI what to do.
The parallels to today’s politics are alarming. Nixon was a liar and eventually had to resign his presidency after the FBI man Felt leaked information to the Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward.
Trump,is living in his own world. and that’s a cause for concern. He doesn’t get it. He’s exposed now, no where to go. Less and people like him. Or even take what he says seriously. He really needs another job. This one is beyond him. People do get more rational under pressure.
In today’s politics there is a battle for the same truth, between going on between the FBI and the White House. Trump fired Comey, the FBI Director, in the same fashion that Nixon went after Felt. He couln’t be fired, because Felt had possession of Hoover’s secret files. Everybody was in there! The difference maker in 1972 was Achibald Cox. He nailed them. In this film, Neeson does his usual, remarkable job getting inside somebody’s head. Hope its not the last of the good guys.

Mark Felt
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Felt brings down Nixon

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