Manaford Assange Meeting.

We are now at a whole new level. If the information leaked by the Mueller team is true, and one would assume they can prove all of this, the collusion and subsequent obstruction case against Manaford is proven. If he met with Assange and then Wikileaks let out the hacked Hilary emails and ultimately became the Russian collaborating representative for Donald Trump and the Trump Campaigm. Today legal scholars in the media say, if true, it is Collusion, Obstruction and then down the road, the courts will evaluate if its is Treason. They conspired with Russians to commit a crime, did the crime, and then Directed a Campaign to influence the 2016 election and make Donald Trump president. In the Trump-Putin connection, Putin owns him. Donald should worry when Putin gets word to Mueller about wanting to talk “like men”. Trump’s days are behind him. He’s of less value to Putin now. Trump Moscow. Never going to happen. Fun times for Vladimir, but he’ll get a new toy, this one not very smart. Boring. Predictable. Childish. Putin says “but we can make him dance. Funny, no?”
The dots line up Stone and assistant, Manaford, Assange and then Wikileaks drops, Manaford and the Trump Transition Team and the Republican National Party. They actually conspired with Russia through Manaford. Everyone at the Trump meeting in the Tower are in serious trouble. Whoa, its curtain time…

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