The movie is Harry Dean Stanton’s triumphant last movie. He died recently and never saw it released. He was 91. The movie is all about him, a chain smoking loner, nihilist and cantankerous old coot who has a quirky warm under carriage.
He philosophizes, and ponders the meaning of live. He does his yoga (his version) and his crossword puzzles daily. He does his routine and drinks coffee. His refrigerator has only milk. We never see him eat.
He’s lives in the dusty Southwest and people seem to care about him. In the movies best scene, he is invited to a fiesta by the Mexican store clerk he sees every day. The Mariachi band is there and so is the piñata. He is alone, as always. But he just starts singing in Spanish with a beautiful accent and it brings tears to your eyes. Everyone is stunned.
There is a scene at the end of the movie when he finishes one of his nihilistic there is nothing after death speeches and he looks into the camera, and smiles, with his full soul exposed. Its beautiful.

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