Love, Simon

He’s just a normal, maybe nicer than average, teenage boy growing up in a loving suburban home in Atlanta. With one secret. He’s gay, but hasn’t figured out the right way to announce it, if there is a “right way.” He is falling in love with someone whom he doesn’t know, who is posting about a similar dilemma. The plot moves along when his postings get discovered by another teenage boy, who uses the advantage to get Simon to help him get favor with one of Simon’s female friends. Or he’ll out him. Reluctantly, and against his better judgement, Simon goes along. The script is honest and insightful. The kids are mostly believable. Even the parents are depicted honestly. Limited stereotyping. Too bad it went Hollywood at the end. Unnecessary. Had a good story, done well. The hokey hook at the end diminished it for me.

Love, Simon
8 Total Score
Love, Simon. Solid movie.

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