Lou Andreas-Salomé

Ok not for everybody. Heady story of the 19 th century philosopher and psychoanalyst who rejected sensual pleasure. Her ideal was to not be influenced by personal arousal and subsequent emotion. She was not fun to be around. She was a leader of sorts of the early women’s movement but she succumbed to Freud’s analysis, hardly a place for feminist thinking. The movie mainly centers on her rejection of suitors especially Frederick Nietzsche, whom she drove mad after he persued her for years. She did relent to a relationship with Rilke a man much her junior. She was a forceful and very unique character but to like her is another story. Reminded me of Emily Dickenson who rejected everything in order to write, holed up in her room, alone and a rather sad figure. Same here to a certain degree. She stays true to herself but in the final analysis, she still was a victIm of her times and her beliefs.

Lou Andreas-Salomé
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