The lies are discrediting the USA

By now its clear to almost everyone, except his yahoo core base, that Donald Trump is a constant liar. Maybe it worked for him in business negotiations, or at his board meetings, where he reigned supreme to yes men and employees. But its doesn’t work as President of the United States where accountability, integrity and ethics matter.

The man who wants to make America great again is doing just the opposite. He is becoming a baffoon in international circles. Just look how the Japanese prime minister rolled his eyes when meeting Trump. See Angela Merkle cringe when he again lied on an international stage about the non existent wiretapping claim. The people forced to defend him like Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer have become jokes.

He makes up statistics, he cites massacres that never happened, and the biggest was quoting Breitbart without even consulting the NSA, to see if the conspiracy theory he was spouting had any merit.

The USA has already lost credibility and if you cannot trust what the supposed world leader is saying, then the world will listen to someone else. The Russians love having him in power because they could have no better aly in discrediting the USA than Donald Trump.

The deconstruction of the government has begun as powerful right wing elements behind Trump exert influence and billionaires behind the scenes start to shape their vision of the government without regulation. See Huffinton Post article on the Mercers, and it will enlighten you on who is pulling his strings. This is the most dangerous man ever to sit in the Oval Office. The truth and ethics are not part of his character. Lies, deception, blaming others for exactly what he does is his method. There is no doubt in my mind that eventually all the truth about him will come out, but my fear is he will singlehandedly have killed the planet and the USA ‘s reputation by that time.

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