Let the Sunshine in

Juliet Binoche is one of my favorite actresses, she is always dead on in her performances. In her latest role of a divorced French artist with a ten year old daughter, she ponders if looking for love While almost 50 is even worth it.
Her character cries a lot and seems out of energy for the tasks facing her. For one she keeps dating either married or unavailable men. Result of these poor choices is continual emptiness. She comes across as needy, dependent and sad. Her life cries out for some therapy. At the end of this rather sad tale she comes across a healer, seer and guru like character, played by the one and only Gerard Depardieu. He tells her she is yet to meet the man she is looking for, but will find him if she remains “open.” He correctly tells her she must find herself first. No easy task but the correct call. I have some advice for the guru, in that if he wants to live, he should pass up on the potatoes and desserts.

Let the Sunshine in
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