Leave no Trace

An ex soldier with severe PTSD lives in a huge park outside Portland Ore, with his teenage daughter. They both know what they are doing and are very efficient in their simple survival lifestyle. The environment is seamless. The like the way they live on the periphery of the social fabric.
But alas, one day she is spotted and soon come the Park Rangers and the dad and daughter are returned to Social Service who are good to them and helpful. They are tested and watched until they are sure he is in no way harming her. There is debate about what is best for her. She wants to return to the woods with dad. She is smart and home tutored and is above level.
They are given an expanded trailer to live in, in a small community. She likes it there. Dad can’t be around people. At some point he tells her to pack up as they are leaving everthing given to them to return to the wood. She goes with him but is torn and eventually just stops. In the movie’s Best Scene, this loving teenage daughter tells her dad while crying that “what’s wrong with you isn’t wrong with me.”

Leave no Trace
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Leave no Trace, leaves its mark

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