The least Presidential…… ever.

Well what can I say that we haven’t said before? It is worse than we could have imagined? He really reads Breitbart news and uses them as his source when he has the entire intellegence community at his disposal? The mainly discredited and far right bat shit crazy unsubstantiated rag is what the President  of the USA uses to accuse a former President of a felony? Its beyond scary that Steve Bannon is in the Oval Office filling Donald’s head with paranoid conspiracy theories. It was only two weeks ago Trump quoted Fox News with the idiotic Bowling Green Massacre drivel. Now Trump has crossed the line. His credibility is gone. Does he not think the truth will come out? Even if it were true about the tappings, it would be because they thought he was involved in susbstansive anti American issues. The Republicans who were never Trumpers have to be going nuts with the insane tweets and early am paranoid rants. We have reached a new low in American politics. The President is concerned about ratings and those who report his crazy rants more than he is about reporting the truth. We have a pathological liar in the White House who listens to haters when he should be Presidential. Its just a matter of time before his word is discredited…everywhere. Cannot wait until the taxes come out. This is the Titanic, folks. The ice berg is just around the corner.

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