Last Flag Flying

Brian Cranston, Laurence Fishburne and Steve Carell team up to deliver masterful performances on a subject that is difficult, the loss of a 21 year old son in War. You could never expect the movie to have humor. But it has humor and smart dialog and touching emotional moments.
Carell’character has lost his son and the body is being flown back to the states. He rounds up his two Vietnam marine buddies and asks them to go bury his son with him. He hadn’t seen either one of them since the war. Cranston’s character is a wisecracking active alcoholic, bar owner in Virginia. Fishburne’s character is now a recovering alcoholic minister with a wife and family living in N.H.
The are Marines. They have guilt for what happened in Vietnam when they were using whatever they could get to survive in the emotional devastating paradox of Vietnam.
So here it all plays out in a very Linkletter movie. There are scenes that are so funny that you wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. I would watch them as well. Its that good. Bravo.

Last Flag Flying
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Last Flag Flying

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