Lady Bird.

Not LBJ’s wife. This one gave herself the name as she will tell you. Her mother gave her the name Christine, but who listens to what this mother wants anyway?
This really original movie is a ride right from the beginning. Written and directed by the talented Greta Gerwig, This fun filled family drama and growing up while applying to college movie is a joy.
It has almost boyfriends, attempts at sex, girl cat fighting, boyfriends who kiss other boys, a toe to toe battle with mom, who scores some belly shot parental points and some very good school counseling scenes. There is Tracey Letts as the depressed and peripheral dad, except thats the parent she goes to. There are two other siblings that are wallpaper in the movie. Could have listened to her ranting dialog all day. Hope they make the sequel when she continues in college with more teenage sparring partners. Remember Ellen Page in Juno? Very similar.

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