Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in dance across 38th parallel

In what appears to be the news story of the year, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in danced their way across the famous 38th parallel while holding hands,and came to an agreement to de nuclearize the Korean Peninsula. The LBGT worldwide community applauded their gesture to them. The American President Ding Batt Dong will meet with both men later in the year.
The shocking change in position of Jong-un came after he announced the final completion of his nuclear arsenal, and will now be moving from the children’s table to the big boys table. Something “Rocket Man” has wanted all along. To celebrate their historic dance both Korean Presidents ate a symbolic meal together. The appetizer was North Korean, their famous “biggbawls” soup. The entree was neutral and provided by Japan, the well known “wee watchee yoo” noodle dish. South Korea provided dessert, the noted “phuc yoo-too” ice cream.
The unprecedented meeting was choreographed by Kim Jong-un who wore his size 52 Mao Tse Tung jacket. He said he is anxious to meet the American Ding Batt Don but warned any attempt to touch his Mao jacket will be met by a fierce Korean samurai lethal kick to the “tinyweewee.”
Most of the world did not see this change in position from North Korea coming. In order to unify the Koreas, the North was informed they would have to have an open press with free access to cell phones and world news. Jong-un said it was not a problem because his citizens do not want such information. He said they already know what they need to know.
The American Ding Batt Dong wired Jong-un asking how does he manage to have such great parades with everyone clapping? Jong -un smiled and said, “ we have their mothers.”
Will be interesting to watch this new comedy series “Dancing Dongs” coming to Netflix this fall. Stay tuned.

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