Kayne West….you couldn’t be more wrong

Its beyond unbelievable for Kayne West to make himself be more stupid after his pro Trump comments, but he managed to do just that. His insulting, uniformed and jaw dropping comment that slavery was a “choice” because it lasted 400 years, just about had a universal what? response. I am sure Kayne’s great great grandfather who most likely was chained around the neck and feet and transported from Africa on a slave ship, to a slave market and a plantation, might want to have a serious sit down with his privelidged offspring.
So you have to question what is going on in the absent mind of Mr. West? How many Trump supporters are there outside of the kool-aid drinking Fox believers?
And how many black people support the racist President? How many people at this point openly say the President is a fair man. Well Mr.West is so far off the path that the question is why does he get any press for his absurd views? He should get a weekend in Harlem at a community meeting to tell the neighborhood why their relatives chose chains, and why they should vote for Trump. Maybe Mr. West is suicidal, because that is what he just did to his popularity and dvd sales. All West has to do is come out pro NRA and he has the self destruct trifecta. What a knucklehead.