It’s just a matter of time now..

The incompetency of Donald Trump is now outweighing everything else. He is becoming an embarrassment to the Rebublican Party itself, as their agenda to get things done is dead in its own tracks, due to the chronic firestorm of detractions due to Trump. The lies, the coverups, the spins and impulsive tweets are wearing out everyone on his staff. Republican Conservatives today signaled that they can no longer defend him if the Comey memo proves to be true. Plain and simple its obstruction of justice. Even if Trump survives this latest flak, there certainly will be more to come and the Party is facing a devastating downward spiral in approval ratings and basic trust of the President. Foreign governments now questioning his thinking and stability. He is the butt of jokes internationally. France just put the first nail in the Trump coffin.

Trump is now in serious trouble as he takes on James Comey, a man of sometimes questionable judgment but an impeccable record of character and integrity. Trump most likely crossed the line with his latest lack of judgment in asking Comey to squash the Flynn/Russia investigation. Its hard to fathom that Trump would stiff defend Flynn, and basically isolate himself from nearly everyone.

The Republican dilemma is simple, either back Trump mindlessly and lose the House in 2018 or dump Trump soon, to save the Party, their own jobs, and at least show they can think of the country, rather than Party. Something, here to for, they have not been able to do. But the fierce backlash from the health care bill fiasco has turned many away from the thought that they could actually do something good, Republicans included.

The lack of ethics in Trump has been exposed and his attack on the intelligence community, the environment, and his relationship with the Russians has soured all but the hardcore loyalists. Not to mention the disapproval of Betsy De Vos, and the inane naming of Ben Carson, and Scott Pruitt has further diminished his claim of getting the best the brightest.  The stacking the White House with unqualified family members with no political or government experiences has hurt his waning credibility, and his conflict of interest dilemmas seem to grow daily.

Last week he brought the Russians into the Oval Office, let in Russian media and threw out American media, to have his secret meeting. Absolutely mind bending behavior for an American President. His relationship with the media started off in his favor as he tried to sell fake news but that game is played, as most everyone sees his lies now on a daily basis.

Bottom line is he sold the “outside of politics reformer” to the American public, but his unbelievable naive political knowledge and understanding will be his downfall and it will come from his own Party, as tough as that is to believe. We know one thing about politicians, they preserve themselves first, and Trump now is their problem. The question of his mental stability is now more than a whisper. So add it up and the bottom line is…he goes, it’s just a matter of time.



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  1. Reply Mike Olson May 17, 2017 at 10:28 am

    After just watching Paul Ryan I don’t sense he feels any need to do the right thing, it’s still party before country. One party RULE has replaced governing. The few republicans that are speaking are standing alone. Perhaps as more inquiry happens, more FACTS see the light of day country will win out over party.

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