It just keeps getting filthier

Trump EPA nominee for the number two position in the Administration is Andrew Wheeler, a former lobbyist for Murray Energy, the biggest US coal mining Company. The coal industry was the single largest contributor to the Trump campaign. He is repaying them with jobs that benefit only coal mining owners. The men and women who will go back into the mines will have less safety regulations than before due to the men Trump appoints and the environmental and safety regulations they rescind to favor polluters and not citizens.. And we just sit by and watch as he builds a swamp with toxic results for anyone living near these mines. And we just sit and watch. Trump has to be the single most destructive person we have ever put in government. Its pay to play and the public gets screwed. Bring back coal? Rep Frank Pallone Jr. The Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said Wheeler’s nomination is no surprise. “It’s clear that Trump won’t stop until he’s crowned coal king and made black lung disease great again.”

And Trump answers no environmental questions. US senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, who once brought a snowball to congress to mock that they’re was no environmental warming, said he was proud of Wheeler and predicted he will serve Prsident Trump with exceptional skill. Serve President Trump? This is the Environmental PROTECTION Agency, which will now be renamed the Trump Coal Company. And we just watch.

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  1. Reply Mike Olson October 9, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Watch and wait. It’s up to everyone to be proactive in our lives concerning all enviornmental issues. We’re on our own for now.

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