Juliet, Naked

Probably the most misleading title ever. But I see every Ethan Hawke movie and this one is no exception. So here is Hawke now almost 48 years old. Certainly old enough to be a grandfather. Yikes, did I just say Ethan as a grandfather? Well in this disjointed fun movie he not only becomes a father but a grandfather on the same day. The movie has a lot of funny lines and dysfunction. But you hope he can get his act together. I like him as an actor but I hope the grandfather thing was just a pit stop. In case you need plot. He was a rock musician who disappeared. But he has at least one obsessed dedicated fan who finally gets to meet him. But not how you think.

Juliet, Naked
7.5 Total Score
Rock n Roll star fades from view, he comes back. A grandfather?

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