Jane Goodall is a remarkable woman. In this newly released footage from her years in Africa, where she, as a young woman, lived among the chimpanzees, and began a lifelong journey to document and understand their behavior. She took the time required for the chimps to not be afraid of her, and eventually to interact emotionally with her. The chimp mothers permitted her to play with their children, something totally unheard of in the wild.
Jane research and funding for behavioral studies continues today in protected sanctuaries.
The movie is personal about her relationship with her documentarian and future husband. It shows the first six years of her son’s life living in the wild, with animals as playmates and not other children. You feel her angst when the correct decision is made to send her son to England to be educated and go to school with other children and leaving Jane in Africa to continue her work.
The footage is real, personal and charming as well as informative. If you thought you knew everthing about her and her work, you are wrong, and this movie will show how brave and dedicated she was in spite of failures and frustrations, in a land that was uncompromisingly difficult as well as beautiful.

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Jane in Africa making history

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