It Has Begun

Okay one month in Office. Gallop poll says Trump’s approval rating is 41%. Lowest of any President since they started the polling. Clinton was the previous lowest with 51% approval.

We have seen just about everything in the first month. A ton of campaign promises fulfilled, attacks on anyone who does not agree with him, including the free press, the staple of American democracy. We have seen attacks on Federal judges who do not agree with his view of the Constitution. He has called the media the enemy of the people.

It is scary to say the least. We know he doesn’t really read and he gets his information from watching TV. He has instructed the top level security briefings to be shorter and “less boring.” So we know we do not have an intellectual giant in charge. The inner advising staff is run by Bannon and that, to me, is the scariest of all. Trump trusts the alt right for his “facts” and they have embarrassed him continually when he gets confronted by the truth. The fact challenged Fox News also embarrassed him when he cited them for his information on the Swedish incident. The “somebody told me” and “I heard” and “people are saying” are not introductions that are Presidential worthy. Those are his inner circle people yapping in his ear.

Well this past weekend the Republican congressman went home to their constituents and boy did they get an earful, These were Republican based people talking at town halls to their elected officials. The meetings were loud and they were concerned and confused by the man they elected to be President. They were concerned that the dreaded Obamacare would be taken away. They were concerned about some fairly wild and untrue statements coming from the White House and Sean Spicer.

The part that concerns me is that Trump cannot hear or take criticism of any kind. He labeled those meetings as in some cases being liberal agitators placed there. No Donald, they were your people. So the eroding of his own base has started. He made a lot of promises about replacing Obamacare with less expensive and better coverage. He promised jobs everywhere. But his own Republican Party, the one who did not want to spend a dime on fixing Obamacare’s insurance company issues, will now have to find money for it. As well as roads, infrastructure including tunnels and bridges, et al. When these Trump supporters see how it really works and hits them in the pocketbook, we will see who Trump blames. People don’t like to be lied to.

So the majority doesn’t like him and he is putting himself  in a corner. He has yet to speak with his detractors , he only points fingers at them and retreats to his political base for his rally support. Not a good method  to widen ones popularity. All of us on the other side just need to keep our voices aloud, because, Donald, this is our America, and it stands for freedom of speech and the right to address our grieviences to our government. The opposition is now in your own Party, get use to it.

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