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New French President Emmanuel Macron soundly defeated the right winger Marine Le Pen. The Trump experience has already been felt in France, a country with real terror.  They still rejected the rhetoric candidate. It  is the step back to the middle that the world needs.

Back home, the photos of the President and white mean in suits laughing as they celebrate the passing of the deeply revealing Republican Healthcare bill. I know there was one woman in the photos. The percentage is fine with those guys. Anyway,  the people voting for the bill have become voter targets as the groundswell of voices grows against Trump. The opposition has begun.

It has already sent shock waves through political chambers, that those who voted for that bill will eventually be  the target for Democratic growth. The bill was ugly, meanspirited and financially, it wasn’t even evaluated, Trump still asked for signatures. No real representative, who read it, could be for it. If they are, they should not be representing people in the guise of government. Health systems work when the government cares for its people, like Europe, Scandanvavia, and in more and more Asia.

Representtative Raul Labrador at a home town meeting in his district in Lewiston, Idaho told the crowd “No one dies if they don’t have this insurance.” He, thereby earned himself deep criticism and scorn, as he becomes the face for the resistance. His own crowd booed him. The comment itself is bad enough but he is in the House Freedom Caucus, and now you know why.

The arrogant, unread, and uninformed blindly following their leader. Scares you doesn’t it? It should anyway because these guys get it only for themselves. Their rules and healthcare and insurance aren’t yours, amigo, unless you have bucks. Period.

Hopefully the posse just arrived, and they are angry and they don’t want a government that doesn’t take care of them.  Most evaluators agree the political show photo op bill, in effect, just transferred money from the poor to the rich, that’s him folks.  Bernie has been saying it all along. He’ll probably go on a rant this week. It really was those haters of Obamacare, not the ones who are on it, but the ones who sought fame bringing it down. They are the ones who get a free photo of this from their President.

Trump  has always said “Don’t like it? Sue me”  He even thinks the laws don’t apply to him. Last guy who thought that way was Richard Nixon.

There was a King one time in England, who took from the colonies, it was a Resistance that eventually lead to his demise..

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  1. Reply Robert H. Anderson May 7, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Not too many town hall meetings being held!

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