I, Tonya

This bio pic, a fictionalized version of Tonya Harding’s life is a damn good movie. The main characters tell/spin their own version of events leading to the “incident.” I, like many others, believed she was part of the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, prior to the Winter Olympics. Seeing her and getting to see the viciously abusive mother she endured, I understand her, now that all sides have spoken, and I now believe she wasn’t part of the attack. The abusive Gillooly took over after her mother. She called herself a Redneck. True, her mother and father were, she is a survivor.
Allison Janney curses better than Dennis Farina, and she manages to take every drop of care and compassion out of her character. She abuses at will.
The movie doesn’t dictate an opinion, it offers and it reveals.
You know this type of movie sets itself up for cheap shots, which I hope is kept to a minimum. Its not a comedy, but its funny, if you don’t scratch too hard. It has gimmicks, not all work, but some, like asides are disruptive but ejoyable.
The knucklehead crew are depicted as morons. If that’s not too overblown, then ouch. They wrecked her hard won career. She didn’t deserve the punishment she got. I hope they cheer for her on stage everywhere.
Atleeast this movie prods you to think differently. That’s a good movie.

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