The House repealed monitoring streams near coal companies

Help me understand this. The House yesterday repealed an Obama order that required coal companies to monitor streams near their facilities. They had been dumping waste toxins for years. See Erin Brockovitch. The Republicans sighted that this hurt the coal industry and prevented jobs. So now they can stop monitoring the cancer they put in the water, so that the archaic coal industry can hire more black lung people to produce more carbon polluted air and water.

So Trump in repaying coal industry now thinks its ok to pollute the waters for people living downstream, because it brings back jobs to a polluting industry. So if the pollutants cross a state line, the next move will be to dismantle the agency that monitors National pollution, that being the EPA. I guess the new jobs will be in hospitals and clinics for all the people now getting sick from the unmonitored streams.

So why would Republicans let people get sick? Couldn’t they find jobs that don’t make the public sick? All the Trump people are happy about making America great again. Do you think this is making us great again? I think its misguided anger at Obama and in reality its the health of the public be damned.

Oh yes they also repealed the statute which prevented mentally ill people from buying guns. Making America safe now includes mentally unstable people being able to purchase ak 47s. I wonder who really is crazy.

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