Hey Middle America, you got conned

Mike Bloomberg nailed it when he said, “I am from NY and I know a con when I see one.” Well it will take all of you out there in middle America a little longer to eventually see what he saw. Trump is a con man, a hustler who makes deals to make deals. Everything will eventually come to the surface about him and I doubt he can last the four years. He’s already said such outrageous things that the pillars of the Republican Party are already fed up with his rhetoric. He is in some kind of bind with Putin, and his defense yesterday of Putin, on Fox News of all places, was off the charts.  He compared a dictator who kills journalists and opponents, to the USA.

God knows what the Russians have on him but it eventually will bring him down. In the meantime he has attacked allies and defended Russia. He needs to be loved so much that he attacks anyone who disagrees with him. Anybody from comedians on SNL to mainstream news organizations. We have never, and I mean never, had such an unPresidential President. He’s all bluster and lies. This whole fake news is his creation to cover his lies.  When ever has the entire main stream media been lumped together? Bannon is calling the shots now and Trump is the puppet. But it cannot last as history tells us the truth always comes out, no matter how hard they try to conceal it, it will come out anyway.

Trump’s motives are good, He wants America to be safe and good again. But the way he is going about it shows how little he knows about politics and the government. Attacking the judicial system is fool hardy. He attacked a federal judge appointed by Bush, just because he found Trumps order unconstitutional, something Trump says he believes in. You cannot legislate from the executive office, and the anti Obama exec orders are a way to appease his base by saying he is a man of his word. But he has already shown his word means nothing. They are having to clean up his thin skinned emotional tweet blasts every day. He is a petulant child who has temper tantrums, and the country really needs an Adult at the wheel. It just a matter of time folks when his popularity sinks and he implodes. Mark my words, he can’t do the job. The Truth, dear Donald, will get you.

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