Hateful and Stupid, pretty much sums it up.

Meet Ann Coulter, the New York City born, Cornell and Michigan educated, right wing Republican columnist, speaker, twitter tweeter and big time attention seeker. Yesterday, she sunk to a new low, even for a known bottom feeder and Fox contributor. In response to the audio of crying immigrant children at the Texas border cage home for children, taken from their mothers and fathers, she said they were being coached to manipulate sentiment, by liberals.
Let’s pause a moment. We now have a Republican media person accusing liberals (actually 80% of the population) of being manipulated by a coached crying 6 year old. Those weren’t real tears and wails of a frightened child. That was an actor.
What have we come to? A place where the land of the free, who asked the world to send their tired and oppressed, now calls them criminals when the reach the border, and has stupid lackeys tell the rest of us to not believe what is true. Has the Trump lying, cruelty and inhumanity become our new standard? Ms.Coulter represents the evil we have become with this soulless hater as President.
You would think her significant college education would have enlightened her. But hatred and drinking the Kool-aid has taken all humanity from her and other Republican cult followers.
I propose we send her to spend some time in the cages, with all the Republican Trumpers and see if they learn something. Maybe Fox should be sent with them, because the alternate universe in which they live cannot feel for a child taken from a parent and forced to live in a cage. Shame on you Ann Coulter and Donald Trump. Folks, November has never been more important.

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  1. Reply Bob Anderson June 19, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Coulter is a disgrace for the trash that she is. She can speak for thirty minutes without taking a break. She’s pissed off because she wanted to be what Sarah Sanders is doing. Imagine her on that podium answering reporters questions.

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