Happy Valley. On Netflix

Well maybe it isn’t so happy. But if you like a good female detective/cop lead, this is for you. The setting is Nova Scotia. A cop and her sister are raising the son of the cop’s daughter who was raped in a brutal attack. The daughter eventually hung herself after her marriage dissolved due to the rape and subsequent birth of the boy. The husband of the dead daughter wants nothing to do with the son.
Plot begins when the rapist is released from prison after 8 years. He finds out he has a son. He wants to see him, and away we go.
Complicated sub plots within the police force and inter relationships within the town keep the plot moving along quickly.
I am glad there are subtitles because the rapid fire version of English they are speaking requires it. Its a good show, and as they say, “give it a go.”

Happy Valley. On Netflix
User Rating: 4.9 (1 votes)