GreenBook refers to the book that guided African Americans to hotels and restaurants that they were permitted to enter while traveling in the American South. If you ever needed proof of the racist roots in America, he’s the real deal.
The movie traces the trip taken by the African American virtuoso concert piano player, Dr. Don Shirley on his trip throughout the Deep South in the 60’s. His driver is a white Italian street hustler from the Bronx.
Both men, played by Mayershala Ali and Virgo Mortensen are fabulous. You can predict some of what will happen, as dumb violent racists are not hard to spot. But the movie goes deeper and provides laughter and insight as these two men form a bond and friendship. The Bronx with its Italian “Moulanyans”, is as cringeworthy as some cracker saying “boy” when referring to an adult Black male.
I watched the movie next to a 75 year old Black ex Army guy who also served in Germany at the same time I did.
We both felt that the movie was terrific and agreed on how far back we have fallen from the social level achieved by Obama. The racist hatred is closer to the surface now and we both agreed that everyone needs to do what they can to get us back to one nation of mixed races and religions.
Go see the movie, its good for the soul.

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Green Book....poignant

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