First things first. This is a good movie. Has a universal theme. No one overacts.

Here’s the basics. A good man, a physician with a fine ethical and professional reputation gets too involved in his daughters final scholarship exam, after she has been attacked and assaulted the day prior to the exam. She is an A student with a 96 average. She now wears a cast up to her fingers and is suffering from trauma.

What he does to help her goes against everything he has taught her and it brings about an ethical problem between them. The wife/mother is totally depressed and sits at the table staring and smoking cigarettes. Their marriage has been over emotionally for a long time. The father has a girl friend and as an unwanted side plot, she may be pregnant.

The backdrop is depressing Romania, a country that has fallen into disrepair. Draw your own comparisons. But the movie exposes the double standard in his wanting only” the best” for his daughter and the consequences all parents face with that dilemma.

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Graduation has complications

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