Go get ‘em Donald

Donald Trump, the smartest, bestest, President the world has ever seen. What a deal maker. In only 18 months you have managed the best deals. Like you promised. Just look at how deftly you whipped Congress into passing that new Healthcare package where everyone gets better more comprehensive care for less. Remember the rallies where you said how easy that was going to be? Who knew? Then the tax bill. Marvelous. So good to see how you fooled those little guys into believing it would be good for them. We know it went to the rich, reducing their taxes. Only stupid people pay taxes and show their returns. Brilliant. Then there is infrastructure. Look at all the new highways and repaired bridges. The modernized railroad system, the upgrading of the electric grid. Pure genius. What a deal. Then there is your fabulous foreign policy. Send the brilliant experience Jared Kushner to solve the Israel Palestine problem. What foresight. Then your best move was to bring in the brightest. Betsy Voss tearing down public education from her 40 million dollar yacht. Can’t get that great picture out of my mind. And your cabinet, who would of ever thought of bringing a black brain surgeon to cut out services to poor black people, in HUD. Its almost as good as what you did to the EPA. Changing it to the environment Destruction Agency was just smart. We did not need protection from big chemical and gas companies. Tearing down the rules so they could pollute streams again was as good as letting them club seals in Alaska again. The good old days. High gas and oil prices will eventually benefit the little guy, right? Its just temporary that those who benefited were Ceo’s Of those big fossil fuel companies. Right? Clean coal is the way to go, I know you will eventually convince the coal companies to restart that program that they dropped due to high cost. Then there is your deal with immigration. Super smart. Taking babies. That’ll teach them to come here. I can’t wait for more of your innovative ideas. Getting out of NAFTA, Iran and Paris was just repeal. I know you have replace on the agenda. Can’t wait to reelect you to see who you can bring down next. Oh I forgot, the free press, the mainstay of democracy. Its what you said, outdated and over rated. If they don’t like you or disagree with you, they must be enemies. shut them down, FBI and NSA, unnecessary. You don’t need briefings, you know more than they do. Fox News is not crazy with paranoid conspiracy theories. We all know Hillary was clubbing babies in the White House basement just like they said. And then there was Scaramucci. The mooch was just being honest. Like you. Honest to the core. An America first thinker. I forgot how brilliant it was to bring the KGB into the Oval Office without one USA intellegence officer present. And to do it again in Moscow is just pure smarter than everyone move.
Based on all this fabulous success I want you to go knock Robert Mueller out. Go Mano a Mano with him. Grab him by the pussy. Show him the the ultra right wing is sane, as proven by your latest smartest NRA backed move to let the deranged print their own untraceable plastic guns at home. We can go back to shooting up airplanes and hijacking them. So smart. So go get em Donald. The crowds will love you. They will bow and clap for you just like Kim Jong and Vladimir. Your heroes. Strong men. Leaders. Mueller can’t touch you. Go in there and kick him in the balls. Use your big hands to choke the witchhunt out of him. Oh I just heard it was 141 degrees in California where the highest temperature ever recorded was just announced. Must be a Chinese fake news release. At least there is good air conditioning in Mar a Lago. Oh yes the oligarchs? Money laundering in Cyprus banks? Collusion with Russia to get elected. All bullshit. I trust you. Now go kick his ass.

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    smartest, bestest post of the day 🙂