Its getting a bit too crazy, everywhere.. nutty news at 11

I really can tell you I have never seen it this crazy.
You have a guy accused of molesting children, who is allowed to run for the Senate, and he’s endorsed by the President. Guy denies he did it.
But others who are accused of behaving badly in what basically is the culture of the American workspace for forever and a day. They have to resign. The child molester guy doesn’t.
The office culture stuff may have been inappropriate but in most cases it was hands on flirting. Now everyone doesn’t know what the hell is ok and what isn’t. The comedians will love it. Sat night Live in the office.

Its seems no matter what Trump does, its either embarrassing cringe worthy or headscratchingly dumb and just plain wrong. Start negotiating a peace deal by slapping your adversary in the face. Diplomacy and tact, no more, we now call names and slap.

The mass killings are now a media sport, with no consequences. In fact it has gotten worse, the Republican House just passed a concealed carry permission and they want to over rule states rights. That is the basis of the NRA, states rights, and now they want Federal to overrule when it comes to guns. Absolutely 100 percent crazy. I come from a no background check state, and carry a concealed weapon and you want NY to be forced to let me in. If I were Russian I couldn’t have hurt the country more.

Trump is feeling the pressure. Mueller is rolling along, now starting with the money, and loans from the heavily fined Deutche Bank. Stay tuned there, that road leads to his taxes, and won’t that be fun?

The sex admissions are all being lumped together and that is very wrong. Their is a difference between a Cosby, who drugged women to have sex without their knowledge or permission, the creep, and Mr. Rogers like Leonard Lopate, whateverthehell he said or did.
If I were Franken, I wouldn’t leave until Trump has to. Same rules for all.
Such crazy inconsistencies. Horny Bill was doing stuff in the Oral Office. Kennedy was having them anywhere he wanted. Ask Marilyn what they can do.
But now you don’t know if you can pinch a fanny. Just seems to me the flirty stuff should be allowed to stay. It’s not drugging people.

Ask the Nordics. They do sex equality and personal space thing way ahead of us. But a little bit of the fun is now gone. Their culture makes it boring, if that’s possible.

I have been groped by women. I took it as a compliment. Not saying touching who you want when you want is right. The real guideline should be don’t make someone uncomfortable. You need permission for that stuff, and a lot of the time its with a look. You know when someone is receptive, I just hope they don’t ruin the dance that people do. There has to be a difference between the dance of intimacy, and the unwanted abuse of dignity.

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