Finding Oscar…gripping story

This is one of those movies that leave an impact. I really doubt how many Americans know the story of the USA-CIA involvement with Guatamala in the ’70’s. Briefly Guatamala had a military government and the USA was paranoid that another country might turn communist. The Cuban situation was still painful to the US government and they felt Castro was exporting guerrilla methods to Guatamala. So the US backed the oppressive military regime (like we always do, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Philipines, Vietnam, to name a few) and helped put down the “insurgents. ” Except the military, dressed in rebel clothing went to a village accused of being pro insurgents. Things quickly escalated and got out of hand. They wound up slaughtering everyone in the village. They dug a huge pit and threw live and dead bodies into it an covered it up. Then they burned the village to the ground. Then the government did the Russian thing, they denied doing it and blamed the insurgents. The government then  stone walled anything about the incident.

Except there were two children who survived the massacre. Both were adopted by government soldiers. One stayed in Guatamala. The  other illegally immigrated to the USA. The attempts by humanitarian organizations to bring a case against the government went nowhere. A female investigator finally unearthed the graves and DNA samples were taken. The boy who escaped to the USA was now the central pin in the proof of the massacre and its coverup. His DNA could be linked to the pit. The movie is about finding Oscar. He was three at the time of the massacre and he would have to be told who he really was and what really happened to him. Don’t miss this film.

Finding Oscar…gripping story
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Oscar is riveting

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