If you make a movie about a Congolese mother, whose son has had a motorbike accident and needs an operation for his broken leg, and you need first to pay for the hospital room, the medicine and the doctor, don’t you think you should make her likable?
She has to scurry from relative to friends to strangers to gather the money in order to save her son’s leg, which has a time variable, get it operated on soon or lose the leg.
She is just unlikeable. She is a singer in a local bar, she has a very good boyfriend whom she demeans, she has an ex-husband who said she threw him out because she was a “strong woman independent and needed no one.”
What I found offensive was when people offered her money she just grabbed it and ran, no thank you. She showed no kindness or appreciation.
There is even doubt if she was a good mother. Add it all up and the movie falls flat because its hard to have empathy for a character that is less than warm and acts entitled.
At the very end she breaks a smile but its too little and too late.

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