Fat Chance

Here we go again. Another guy who buys an Army load of weapons, with super high speed rapid fire capability massacres innocent people. All this was legal in this morally challenged government we endure. Why you might ask why does this continue? Who is it that we won’t tread on.? Is it the CEO of the Winchester? Or the CEO of any other American gun manufacturer? Is it the NRA who has to be the most callous organization known to civilized man? Is it just the America West culture we grew up with when the guy with the gun was the good guy?

Well it has all changed now. Its no longer a pistol. It is a military weapon. And its being used time and time again on concert goers, kids in schools, people walking the streets and on and on and on. Does our Congress outlaw what to any sane person would say is is a rational decision? Certainly not with Morally missing Trump.

I am sorry you can’t buy your super fast military assault rifle, you’ll just have to call the police like the rest of us have to do.

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