“Fake News” gets real, Robert Mueller style

Yakkinback has been telling anyone who will listen that Robert Mueller is the real deal. A consummate professional and detail specialist who is methodical, and does his work in a systemic, noose tightening fashion.
The flipping of Former National Security Chief Michael Flynn is a very big deal. Mueller will now will get to the truth inside the White House of what was said by who, and when they said it. The growing legal problem for Donald Trump, has now exponentially grown. Mueller is going for obstruction of justice and the wording of the indictment of Flynn
All along the Trump White House has labeled the investigation a witch hunt and fake news. Well, turns out, its dead on truth. Admitting to lying to the FBI, Flynn is now the third White House official to admit to lying. Manafort, Papadopalous and now Flynn have all tried to cover up what happened during the election campaign and the first month of the Trump Presidency.
Add it up and it means that the people above them will be next and that group includes Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, Jeff Bouregard Sessions and the lying chief Executive, the fake news man himself Donald J. Trump.
It appears that Kushner ordered Flynn to contact Kislyak the Russian embassador and the transition team headed by Mike Pence knew of it. Jeff sessions colluded with Trump about the contact and then Sessions lied to congress. He says he can’t recall. Well see how long that stands up when the indictments come.
The Mueller team are money laundering specialists and this investigation will eventually lead to the money, as it always does. Its always about the money. Why do you think Trump won’t let anyone near his taxes? Its not about net worth. Its about deals that he doesn’t want to come to light, and Mueller will eventually get to the money and when he does, Mr. Fake News will have to resign.
It has been a very painful year for people who have watched this country be turned into a bad lying reality show under Donald Trump and now the next few months will reverse that trend as truth and justice prevails.
In his latest idiotic tweet today,, Trump said he knew Flynn lied to the FBI. so if he knew that before he asked Comey to back off Flynn, that prima facia evidence of obstruction. Mueller’s job just got easier.

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  1. Reply Mike Olson December 3, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Once again greed causes emense problems. Tax cut anyone? Will Americans have enough strength to protest nation wide or will they be unable to put down the remote or leave screen time? I’m overseas now but anxious to vote the traitors out. Bring it on Mr. Mueller!

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