En el dia septimo

A hardworking Mexican delivery man rides his bike through Brooklyn to earn enough money just to live in a small apartment with six other Mexican immigrants. He is married and has a pregnant wife in Mexico whom he hopes to bring to the USA soon. All good men who kid each other and hope to make a good stable life in New York. They play soccer in the local park as part of their league. They share a few cervezas. Their team, amazingly, has made it to the finals on Sunday.
The boss,tells him he has to work on Sunday and he also must bring others who cover for him as its a big event at the restaurant he delivers for. No amount of reasoning will work with the boss. Jose will get fired if he doesn’t show. He needs the job and the the two weeks vacation he has earned, so he can go get his wife.
Warm and true telling, this story was very personal for me as I am very familiar with the plight of Mexican immigrants. The movie draws you in as you root for this good man as he navigates through the Trump world we now live in.

En el dia septimo
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En el dia septimo

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