Dumb and Dangerous

President Donald Trump should be removed from Office for the following compelling reason.
His oath of office requires him to protect the country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
So far he has praised our enemies. He “loves the strength” of Kim Jong Un. He has praised Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. He stands by the autocratic government in Saudi Arabia. He has taken the Us out of Climate control agreements and has attacked the free press as “the enemy of the people”. He has looked the other way when Putin has had journalists killed. Now this week,he did not believe our own CIA assessment that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had another journalist, US resident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashogi killed in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul. Trump in a mind blowing news conference stated “ Maybe he did it and maybe he didn’t.”
Why would Trump not stand behind our own Intellegence community assessment? Money, its always about the money with him. Trump said in 2015 “the Saudis pay me millions of dollars for apartments, okay. I like that.” They also pay him big time pricey dollars to stay in his hotels.
So we have a President who protects his own business opportunities instead of following his oath of office and standing up for journalists and a free press.
The money issue is a clear violation of the clause which prohibits a sitting President from making personal gain while in Office. Mueller at least is on that.
Here’s another clear lack of him protecting the country.
Last week Trump failed to recognize the obvious connection between climate change and the horrific fires in California.
The US Forrest Service’s journal Fire Managment Today, in 2015 wrote, “Climate Change: The Future is Here” It stated that “increasing temperatures and change in precipitation and snowmelt patterns are increasing the severity and size of wildfires in the West. The occurence of fires are now outside the range of our existing experience.” That is exactly what happened in California. Instead of calling for immediate climate control measures, Trump continues to reverse everything President Obama did to recognize the increasing effects of climate change. He wants to rake the forest. Guess you didn’t know it was the leaves causing the problem, not the dryness caused by climate change. He recently appointed a coal company lobbyist to lead the EPA after the corrupt former appointee Scott Pruitt was forced from office. Talk about putting a fox in the hen house! We cannot let a man who does not read, lead the country to its own climatetological demise.
Dumb is not an answer. He is not protecting the country, he is protecting his own wealth and ignoring the dangers we the people face by his ignorance, denial and self promotion. He just gave himself an A+ as President. He must have been thinking about the cheaper and better healthcare he was elected to bring. He should be removed from office for failure to comply with the responsibilities of his office, to protest those he serves for. He thinks we serve him.
Just the EPA disaster alone is enough to remove him. He has endangered water and air pollution and now has proposed the lessening of regulations for coal mines depositing waste back into streams. Back to undoing Erin Brockovitz. For his reckless, dumb and dangerous decisions he is a threat to the health of the nations citizens and should be removed from office. Putin could not do a better job in destroying our nation.

  1. Kenn November 21, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Great. Unbelievable that any person with a brain including our Senators can allow such a brainless self serving ego maniac destroy our democracy.

  2. Mike Olson November 22, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    You do a very good job in making the point for his removal and you didn\’t even mention \”the caravan.\” I sense a change in the wind. Perhaps our profit making media should dial back their greed too. I think electing two Republicans to the White House who didn\’t win the popular vote is telling in that they snub the coastal big cities and areas, our economic engines.
    Here in Wisconsin I\’m waiting to cash my soybean check.