Donald and Daffy Duck

The Presidency of Donald Trump continues to be a massacre on truth and knowledge. The decisions coming out of the White House and DOJ are mind boggling. Today Jeffrey Bouregard Sessions, the Attorney General said he would roll back the Federal Governements’ Obama era decision to not go after marijuana growers, users etc who are legally allowed to do so under state law. According to Sessions who is on record as saying “good people” don’t smoke marijuana, the US will now go back to the brutally failed “War on Drugs” philosophy, which filled the prisons with low level users and sellers. This is the Attorney General speaking, not your local Evangelistic country bumpkin.
Citing no evidence other that “good people” comment, Sessions indicated he would direct states to now reprioritize their focus. Just two weeks ago the non reading President Trump said the biggest problem in the USA is the opiod explosion. So how do the two statements make policy? They don’t. It is typical of the President to not be informed before he blasts off a tweet or policy. We know Trump does not drink or use drugs. Maybe he should. At least Corey Booker stood up in the Senate and blasted the inane decision of God’s man Sessions.
The new book on Trump, “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff shows Trump as someone who does not read or listen. Something we knew already but now after three hours of direct one on one interviews, Wolff shows Donald as pitifully unable to comprehend the job. In typical fashion Trump denied meeting the man or ever talking to him. Wolff says he has fastidious notes, just as James Comey has.
So what new have is an intellectually challenged narcisstic pathological liar leading the country. Unable to comprehend global warming or oneworld economic dependency, we are drifting into isolation and world wide criticism for our international decisions. Last week’s pissing contest between Trump and Jung Un is just brutally embarrassing, and dangerous. He should never even be in the room when decisions about nuclear usage is discussed.
This has to be the year we elect sane responsible leaders who in majority, will stand up to the inanity of Trump and his Daffy Duck AG and their moralistic judgments.
I know there are millions of “good people” who smoke a joint as well as having a drink. The country is overwhelming convinced that marijuana is not the problem. But not those two bozos. Don’t you think they should not be running the country? Time to get them out of office.

  1. Reply Kenn January 6, 2018 at 11:43 am

    People need to speak out & protest against the insanity that is coming out of Washington. A new agenda is needed. Money needs to get out of politics.

  2. Reply Lisa January 6, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    I thought the end was near but after seeing the bro-fest at Camp David today I think it’s a long hard road for the resistance. We are up to the challenge to save democracy.

  3. Reply Mike Olson January 7, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    We must continue to speak out, preach to the choir and urge people to vote. Cartoon characters in power can’t be the norm. A change in the spending bill writing House will be refreshing, let’s keep that in mind.

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