Shifting winds

Each week the Trump Presidency has some “news” that makes your head spin. Head spinning is the new office sport. Anyway, He does stuff everyday. Comic food delight. He really doesn’t have a clue. He has power. Name of the game. When Trump talks, its cringe time, whether he’s with kids or the public, its the same, people just keep shaking their heads. He is now the Man with Failures and today he backs a accused child molester as a better candidate than a liberal Democrat? Excuse me, he backed Hillary. Now they are less than child molesters because he needs the vote? Somewhere in him he knows he cant hold a candle to Obama, in character and true values of giving, of helping, it is unfortunately a world Trump does not know of.
But when it comes right down to it, Trump is alone. Jared is now exposed and that alone is fertile Mueller land. He’s going for obstruction. When you do something that is quasi legal, and it takes years in court, you know the world he lives in. Remote land, alone with his crazy world tweets. Trump. De dump
His dismantling of everything Obama is so wrong, and it just hurts. The Donald shows his deepest anxieties, by trying to eliminate them. The Progrmas we had with Obama was when there was a different world. We had a leader, a real one. Not some loudmouth with a gun. It was a different world. The country was run with grace and by knowledge, caring and sincerity. The Obamas were lovely.
Moving along…….Remember the taxes?
Mueller would like to see them, and he will not be asking. Well I know Robert Mueller doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
Trump and Putin in Vietnam, provided the picture of the year. Their time together was a preview of them to come. Donald romancing Putin, who just enjoys it for as long as it will last. Russians here disrupting and fanning the flames of the right. Makes no other sense why Trump is so beholding. Back on the street where I grew it up, you had him by the balls.
Putin owns him, its the ultimate chess move. Putin wins. Donald dances on a string.. Wearing their same shirt traditional Vietnamese outfit, they looked like two Shriners. Following the photo op, Trump made the case for his own impeachment, when he said he believed Putin, in that he did not meddle in the 2016 USA election. Really? That’s your own informed opinion?
With that statement Trump officially backed a foreign government leader over the compelling advice and evidence of all three of our security agencies.
Really! He believes the chronically lying Russian Government, who never shot down the Malaysian plane, or invaded Crimea, over the documented proof of Russian bots on Facebook and Instagram peddling fake news.
When is the last time you remember an American President siding with Russia over CIA and FBI information to the contrary?
Doesn’t happen.
So we know for sure why Donald needs to protect his own collusion with Russia. Maybe Putin did offer to help him get elected. But Donald is dancing to his tune because Putin can wait, its all going his way with Donald in the White House, of all places. Look what we did folks.
Mueller will know exactly what the Russians have on him. Its not only the Russians, its the rest of us who know his game is about to end. Once the taxes reveal where to look, its over.
Its always the money. He doesn’t have enough because the government is against him. Ouch.
The reason for Trumps actions, that became a National Security issue, is when he doesn’t even listen to the CIA and FBI or NSA. Its a good job by Bannon and crew, all the far right ideas. He lives in and talks with that world. All the time.
Was it just the secret Oligarch deals? The Wilbur Mills Cyprus bank account or the pictures and films from the KGB hotel? Trump couldn’t look anymore like a patsy.
This week the Trump Administration advisor to the EPA also said carbon dioxide doesn’t contribute to global warming, its food for plants.
Look what we did folks. Look who is in charge. People who don’t rely on science anymore. Wake up people. We are in trouble, we have to get him out of the job, the world depends on it. Hurry up Mueller!

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