It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Each week the Trump Presidency has some news or quote that makes your head spin a full circle. Well I know Robert Mueller doesn’t need any direction from me, but if he needed any at all, Trump and Putin in Vietnam, provided the picture of the year, masking the deeply troubling relationship they share. Wearing their same shirt traditional Vietnamese outfit, they looked like two campers at a Boy Scout retreat. Following the photo op, Trump made the case for his impeachment, when he said he believed Putin, in that he did not meddle in the 2016 USA election.
With that statement Trump officially backed a foreign government leader over the compelling advice and evidence of all three off our security agencies.
Really! He believes the chronically lying Russian Government, who never shot down the Malaysian plane, or invaded Crimea, over the documented proof of Russian bots on Facebook and Instagram peddling fake news.
When is the last time you remember an American President siding with Russia over CIA and FBI information to the contrary?
So we know for sure that this is to protect his own collusion with Russia to get himself elected. Where Mueller comes in is what exactly do the Russians have on him? The reason for Trumps actions, that is a National security issue, which the FBI monitors. Is it just the secret Oligarch deals? The Wilbur Mills Cyprus bank account or the pictures from the KGB hotel? Trump couldn’t look anymore like a patsy. This week the Trump Administration advisor to the EPA also said carbon dioxide doesn’t contribute to global warming, its food for plants. Look what we did folks. Look who is in charge. Hurry up Mueller!

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