What you didn’t hear from the President

Most people say that President Trump’s speech was a step in the right direction. On the surface he didn’t attack the media or Hillary, and his tone was more conciliatory. It was a professional speech. He said he was going to get jobs back. Military was going to get bigger and newer (more jobs). Immigration would get some new rules. Education would have alternatives. Taxes for the middle class would be reduced. New trade deals would be made. Obama Care will be repealed and replaced. New infrastructure.

Here’s what you didn’t hear

One word about global warming. He mentioned clear air and clean water on the same day he repealed Obama’s safe water act. The same day.

He did not mention that he plans to deconstruct the Environmental Protection Agency.

You did not hear one word about the billionaires and Wall St top execs who now advise him in planning his 3 trillion dollar cut for the top 1% earners. New Swamp.

You did not hear One word about the prison system which has been privatized and now contains more prisoners than any other nation on earth, the majority of which are Black, Latino and Native American.

You did not hear one word about how funding was going to be implemented for the Health Care system which will be better than Obamacare. PS The money comes out of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Stay tuned, campaigned that he wouldn’t do that.

You didn’t hear one admission about how dysfunctional his relationship is with the Intellegence community. Ps He wanted to replace the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Satff with Steve Bannon, his civilian political advisor.

He said he inherited a mess from Obama. What you didn’t hear was the worst financial President since Herbert Hoover (George Bush) handed Obama an 8.7 unemployment rate and the worst fiscal crisis since 1929. Trump inherited a 4.7 unemployment rate and a stable economy. See you in four years to compare.

Trump asked for people in Congress to work together. Last year the Republican controlled Congress would not even meet or interview a Presidential appointment to the US Supreme Court. You didn’t hear that mentioned.

To me the speech was a con. Say one thing , do another. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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  1. Reply Ken Ferris March 2, 2017 at 11:00 am

    He was & will always be a con man.

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