Derek Jeter, the ultimate Yankee

Yesterday at the Stadium they retired Derek Jeter’s number 2 with a plaque in center field’s Monument Park. That was the good news. The ceremony was painful. It was a joyless, unemotional reading by John Sterling who made no eye contact with the audience. He should be let go, way to insulting to listen to his dated banter. Michael Kay said some nice things but it was disconnected from the camera.

The there was the ridiculously stupid introductions from the dugout and the long boring walk to the mound. By the time they got there, they were already introducing someone else. Just put them all on the field together and call their names and have them stand and wave, maybe say a few words to Derek. Show some emotion, for God’s sake, this is one of the greatest Yankees to ever wear the uniform.

Then Jeter spoke. thanks ma, thanks coaches friends and fans and the Steinbrenner family. Good bye. What? That’s it? They really need an event planner who understands things. They introduced Jeter in the line of introductions and then he did not go to the podium. He stood around. They gave him gifts and he did not know where to put them because there were no staff to help. Amateurish. Jeter deserved a lot better.

It felt like a corporate dinner with no fun what so ever. I wanted a lot more for and from Jeter. This wasn’t Lou Gehrig saying farewell with tears. or the Babe rasping into the mike. I am a longtime Yankee fan and baseball player and I wanted and expected more. Note to the Yankees, get some media and event help, this thing was horrible, staid and boring. Their formula just doesn’t work. Did I say it enough?

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  1. Reply Ken Ferris May 15, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Glad I missed it. He did deserve better and I’m only a casual baseball fan. Suggest you get your review to the Yankee front office.

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