All in a Day’s Work by Dr. Jill

So I get to the office at 8:30 am to get ready for my day to start at 9.

Have a full day of patients scheduled every half hour till 1 pm today

Then a break in the schedule.

Then a few more after 2.

Ms. Larson arrives 9:10 am with her 9 year old cat “Mango”

“Sorry I’m late doc, trains were awful. You know how it is? Right?”

“Sure Ms. Larson. So what brought you in today? “

“Mango has just been not right. Don’t know…not eating, drinking more.

She’s getting up there in age you know, 16 today.”

“You know it’s been 2 years since you’ve been in?”
“She looked just fine till a few days ago, doc.”

On exam Mango is dehydrated, has lost 3 pounds (from 2 years ago) and both eyes are dilated.

“Ms. Larson we have to do some blood work, do a blood pressure reading, give her some subcutaneous fluids and a vitamin injection. Depending on her blood pressure reading, we may add some medication.  We will also send you home with some special food.”

“Doc can’t I just try the food first. Then see how she is in a week or so?” “No, if her blood pressure is high it could be a life threatening condition. It’s best to check it today along with the other tests. When I get the results tomorrow I will call you. However, we will get the blood pressure results today.”

“OK doc, if you think so, go ahead.” I give her an estimate. We take a sample of blood and urine from the cat. Then do a blood pressure check. Her blood pressure reading is 210!!! (Normal for cats is up to 140) I discuss the seriousness of this with Ms. Larson, and give her blood pressure medication and instructions to give it once a day to her cat. I ask her to return in two weeks to re check blood pressure. Off she goes.

The average that people bring their cats to the vet is every 5 years. Cats just don’t show they are sick till they are VERY SICK. I recommend bringing cats to the vet at least once a year and twice a year over 12 years old.

On to the next patient….

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