Creed 2

I was totally surprised when I watched Rocky way back then, to find myself bawling like a baby. Where did that come from? Maybe the underdog theme runs deep in me. But I started to laugh and said to myself, ”there’s no crying in a boxing movie.” Didn’t help. Then there was “Million Dollar Baby.” Same thing. So I have watched every Rocky movie or it’s equal. I’m prepared, Summon up those macho genes. Go see the movie with a Black audience, they won’t cry. Damn if none of it worked. Still cried. Oh, the movie? Its Rocky. He’s old, like me. I still luv the guy. Its a predictable format, but Rocky is Rocky, no Paulie, No Mickey, and Adrienne is a tombstone. But he sadly in some ways hasn’t changed. No Buster either,(the dog). But it was a timeless theme, with a big heart.

Creed 2
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Creed 2, yo Rocky

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