Crazy Rich Asians

Kudos for the first all Asian cast since 1993’s Joy Luck Club to be a featured success. The movie is about crazy rich Asians in Singapore. Money up the kazoo but he has no wife. To get approval, the prospective bride must pass muster. Get by his mom and her lethal friends. Snobby, self important and Gucci etc labeled. Intolerant and exhausting.
Everything is appearance and status. You want to see them slip on a banana. Some comic relief is provided and the dreamy groom is actually a nice guy. The heroine has character and finally gets what she wants by rejecting it. How Chinese! The movie has a zippy feel to it and will be a big commercial success. 35% of first week audience was Asian. 72% were female. The rest were invited guests and movie insiders. And me.

Crazy Rich Asians
7.5 Total Score
Crazy Rich Asians? We don’t need more, this group is enough.

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