I admired Ted Kennedy, I thought he cared about people and stood up for the underdog in the Senate. I had questions about Chappaquidick but I always thought it was an accident and he panicked.
After coming out of the movie, it has, unfortunately, altered my view of him. After the car went off the bridge, his first and foremost thoughts were of his political career and not Mary Jo Kopeckne. He saved himself and not her. Then he escaped and tried to cover his tracks. He used his political machine for coverup and story spin. Bottom line was he was not a man of integrity and he could have done a whole lot more to save her. Its unclear in the movie how he got out of the car and she couldn’t. But its 100% sure that he lied and saved his image rather than her life. Recently I saw I Tonya. A woman I had a low opinion of, based on previous media coverage and came out with a much different view of her, much more positive. The opposite is true here.

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Chappaquiddick, the Ted Kennedy coverup

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