Bruce Springsteen, live on Broadway

Not a big fan of Bruce’s playing or singing, as there are a lot better, but he is a genuine guy and his heart is in the right place. Watched this performance on Netflix and came away glad I did. This show is an honest telling of his family life with its dark corners included. He comes clean about the myth of him loving everything Jersey Shore. He didn’t. He also admits his working class hero repuatation has nothing to do with him. He never had a job. He only played guitar and sang. The persona is his father, a working class factory worker and drinker, who never was much of a father.
The 2 hour performance has the worst audio ever as he keeps walking away from the microphone while talking. They added subtitles to make it understandable. Netflix has to do better than that. Its a personal narration with ok music. Give him credit for being honest. It is moving to see a world class celebrity and rock n’ roll guy bare his soul.

Bruce Springsteen, live on Broadway
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Bruce reveals

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  1. Dotti and Ed January 3, 2019 at 10:00 am

    We’ll put it on our “to see” list!
    Thanks for the review, we are fans of Bruce.

  2. Kenn January 3, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Always loved his soul that came across in everything he wrote and sang. His voice and renditions of most of his songs was subpar though the honesty of his baring his soul is something that public, famous people never allow. Touching and moving.