Boy Erased

Lucas Hedges seems to be everywhere these days. In Boy Erased he stars with Nicole Kidman and Russel Crowe as a young man sent for Conversion Therapy by his Arkansas preacher father and his go along mother, because he has admitted that he thinks about men. The story follows his admission to the Conversion Center and his subsequent oppressive “therapy.” For us out of the Bible Belt it really seems ridiculous that you could try to shame and blame homosexuality out of someone. But if you believe all the devil/God/bible stuff then you understand how woefully prejudiced and pathetic that belief system is.
The poor kids sent there have to follow the rules just like the Army does to its Basic Training boot camp privates. As one who has gone through that, it never makes you believe what they tell you is true, you just follow orders because they have power over you until they day they don’t. And then you go back to who you are, if they haven’t damaged you in the process.
Good film. Hedges is such an honest actor. Crowe who always delivers, does a great job as a man torn in half by his religious beliefs. Kidman really only has one scene.

Boy Erased
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Boy least they tried to.

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