Border Town

This streaming film from Iran is the story of a young widow and her daughter who want to run a cafe near the border of Iran and Turkey. It was her husband’s. But according to Islamic law a woman cannot own and run a restaurant by herself, she must be remarried and the husband must run the business. Her husband’s oldest brother wants to marry her in order to keep “honor”. She declines. She opens the business anyway and it is very successful as all the truckers stop to eat her homemade food, including a Greek who searching for his lost wife, whom everyone believes ran away from him and he is in denial. He is captivated by her and her food.
The jealous and vindictive brother in law does everything he can to sabotage her business and eventually gets her business closed down according to Islamic law, as interpreted by the local mullah.
She keeps pleading that they will allow her to work and that’s all she wants, so why shut down the only thing she can do to be self sustaining and not bedependent. No, there is no honor in that. Ps If you are female, you don’t want to live under this version of Islamic law in Iran.

Border Town
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Iran’s Islamic law vs. women’s rights

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  1. Reply Amy December 29, 2017 at 10:08 am

    We miss you, Ludmer! Great review.

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